Gatfield Greenwich Associates, Inc. is known for going beyond the expected. Our clients say we listen, we’re accessible, we’re smart, and we’re easy to work with. At Gatfield, Greenwich, we consider our reputation to be on the line with every assignment we accept.

Our consultants have successful and relevant industry experience. When you need a firm that quickly grasps the characteristics and competencies for a position, your business model and culture, come to Gatfield Greenwich.

From our beginning, Gatfield, Greenwich Associates, Inc. has placed an emphasis on building long-term client relationships. Eighty percent of our business flows from previous clients-the ultimate seal of approval.

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Gatfield Greenwich Associates, Inc. is part of a well-established group of Wall Street entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that have built their base of business just outside of New York City. Our firm’s philosophy of personal service has been retained and enhanced by this venue. We serve our clients with professionalism, ethics and integrity.