Asset Management
- Our clients range from major portfolio management firms to hedge funds and private equity.


Corporate and Investment Banking - Structured Products, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions form the cornerstone of our Banking practice.


Equity Sales, Trading, and Research - We have successfully completed more than one hundred equity related assignments.


Fixed Income - We are considered to be one of the ten best search firms with product expertise within Mortgage-backed, Asset-backed, Corporate, High Yield and U.S, Treasury Securities.


Insurance - Our experience lends itself to both actuarial and asset management assignments focused on insurance industry related issues.


Real Estate - Real Estate finance and commercial mortgage-backed security trading and research is the cornerstone of our Real Estate practice.


Structured Credits - Our ability to identify modeling, valuation and quantitative professionals with strong technology skills has made us one of the premier search firms within structured finance and structured credit products trading and banking.